Most commonly requested by both men and women.

Using computer simulation in the process of assessment, makes it easier to appreciate the degree of change. Required in order to achieve balance, but also the characteristics of the nose shape. That fits nicer with the rest of the features.

The bump on the bridge of the nose is. Primarily made of cartilage (lower two thirds) And only the top third is due to the nasal bones. Reducing the bump can target either a straight profile, a slightly concave one or in some instances a slightly convex one, but not as prominent.

picture example of what nose rhinoplasty looks like

Significant proportion of patients seeking Cobb rhinoplasty surgery.  Are concerned that the sheer size of their nose. Is disproportionate with their facial features.

Areas of particular concern are the presence of a bump on the bridge of the nose.  Excessive width of the bridge tip of the nose, and possibly excessive width of the nostrils.

Reduction in the tip of the nose requires a more complex combination of lowering the cartilages (that decrease projection) and reshaping that allows for a narrower, more and delegate or more defined to contour.

base reduction

When the nostrils are relatively wide, base reduction is the procedure capable to achieve and narrowing effect, and involves removing a wedge of tissue in the area where the nostrils meets the cheek. Inevitably this leads to a fine scar to the area.

This doesn’t mean that rhinoplasty Athens patients with thicker skin of the tip of the nose cannot have a more defined appearance, but the degree of correction will be more limited, and achieving change will take more effort.

Like in all situations it is important to understand that the results of surgery will always be different from the computer simulations used during planning.

Facial rhinoplasty

In particular, in the case of reduction Rhinoplasty, this is also. Related to the fact that the skin needs to shrink. In and adapt to the new cartilage framework shape. The thicker the skin, the more difficult this becomes and the longer the process. At Cobb rhinoplasty surgeon we are Friendly.